Bandname update!! I know its been a while since we have talked but things are pretty great! Bandname has been making lots of breakfasts and working on a new record! We’ve been stinking up Cat’s room with our jams, but it looks like we are going to record at least 13 songs for the new record session!

We also have an EP coming out in the next few months, “The Headswayer EP” we will be releasing it on our label, Soft City Records, more info on that soon. 

We played our first show in a while at the Barbary with Everyone Everywhere and Slingshot Dakota. It was a packed house and there were 50 pizzas! Thats some serious ZA!!

In other Bandname related music, Cat has been playing in her new all lady revue, Amanda X!! Go listen to that shit right now, they are awesome! 

Greg has also started a new super band, stepping out from behind the drums Guitarcules is coming!!

Here is a band that I started in the summer called Primitive Fool

That should keep you occupied for a while! Thanks for listening!!